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In interviewing, you are the salesman and the product.  You want your interviewer to get excited about the opportunity to offer you a position.  The purpose of everything available on this site is to give you step-by-step and easy to practice interviewing behaviors.

Just like anything else, there’s a science behind interviewing and this is interview science made easy!

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“[You should] read the OP and practice behavioral questions every night. I had the easiest interview of my life 2 weeks ago, got an offer, and now I’m making $22,000 more than previous job.”  –Jeff from Dallas

Interviews can be jarring

I originally wrote a large portion of the articles found here as one, large forum post titled “Interviewing, a comprehensive guide and discussion.” After receiving several replies similar to the one listed above, I founded this site to provide more of those experiences to a larger audience.



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